Why a Developer needs to have an Online Presence

5 Reasons For A Developer To Have Online Presence

Online Presence for a Developer!

Your Reputation Precedes You!

What is Online Presence?

Online presence in a virtual representation of you on the Internet. It is a showcase of who you are and what is the area of your expertise.

It is usually in form of having a profile on any social platform like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Developers share who they are and areas of their interest and passion. After this, you engage with the community by sharing content and having discussions. After some time you will build credibility and other devs in the community will know you as someone who is knowledgeable about a domain.

Why do you need one?

There are plenty of reasons for a developer to have an online presence. Let's dive into it

Broden your network

When you share your thoughts/knowledge via blog, youtube videos, or other social media forms for a while, devs in your community domain sees you as a reliable source of knowledge/learning. Eventually, they will start interacting with you and slowly your network will begin to grow.

Build your brand

The content that you share with the dev community and your interactions will slowly build your credibility as a source of knowledge. Devs will start associating your name with a niche you write, make videos about.

Enhancing Communication Skills

As developers, we are very focused in our world where we basically code the majority part of the day and don’t interact or communicate with colleagues that much. In the process of building your online presence via blogs or videos, you will get better in your communication skills both verbal and written. This is the most important skill regardless of the profession you are in.

Online portfolio

Any time anybody looks for a job, he/she always needs to clear the bar the employer is looking for us to clear. Having a blog, youtube channel, etc. on the same domain you are seeking employment will act as proof that you know your stuff. There is no other better way to share your skills and knowledge with your potential employer. Anytime you go for an interview, employers always research about you. At that point, most of the battle when it comes to getting a job is already done.

Freelancing Work

Online showcasing your work in the form of blogs and youtube videos will increase your visibility in the freelance world. A prospective customer will look at your online presence and trust you that you have the knowledge that they are looking for. This way you will get their business which helps you to grow as a freelancer.


Today the internet is the go-to place for literary anything and everything. We entertain, connect with people, study, and learn from resources on the internet. In order to be known by other devs in your community, you need to have an online presence that will not only help you showcase your skills but also interact with other devs in your field.

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